About The School

Drive Stick Shift has been teaching manual operation for over 12 years, and do so because we love to drive a stick shift. The process of operating a manual transmission is exponentially more fun and engaging. As automation develops and evolves it leaves stick shift operation in the rearview mirror, we work to keep the skill alive.

We have taught thousands of people to drive a stick shift and understand everyone learns a little differently. Our teaching method is based on a patience and passion for the skill. Besides hands on clutch and rowing practice we are always glad to talk cars and provide information on the mechanical side and theory behind the process. 

Whether you are traveling abroad and need a rental, or apply for a job that requires manual operation, or just always wanted to become a stunt driver we are more than confident that we’ll have you shifting and driving after one lesson!

Common Reasons for a Lesson:

Renting a Vehicle Abroad

Getting a Stick Shift Car

Getting/Riding a Motorcycle

Desire to be Awesome

One Hour


Recommended for students with previous stick shift driving experience 

Two hours


The most popular option among our students, providing a detailed lesson and more

Three hours


A three hour lesson covering all aspects of driving stick shift in a busy city like NYC, meant for pairs

As of recently we have added a online classes and a car purchasing service. If you are seeking to get a used stick shift car Drive Stick Shift can help you find the perfect fit for you, as well as inspect it mechanically and negotiate the purchase to get our client the steepest discount possible. We partner with Improv school to offer insurance and point reduction course at very price.