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Used Car Purchase

Used Car Purchase

Don’t be scared of a used car, it can take you very far!

Wanted to Buy a Used Car?

Let us take you through the process, inspect the car, get the best deal for the car, and even teach you how to take care of your future car

New cars depreciate rapidly, getting a used car saves money and you don’t have to take on the losses of immediate depreciation. Some used cars even appreciate if maintained (especially certain manuals).

Used Car Searching 


  • Providing 10 used car options, given client parameters
  • Understanding what kind of car to expect for your budget
  • Understanding mechanical advantages and disadvantages

Pre-Purchase Inpections

$175 – $450

  • Going with you to inspect a car
    Conducting a full mechanical inspection of the desired vehicle
    Providing true vehicle value
  • Negotiating price with seller for a max discount
  • One Carfax report included
    Explaining/insuring paperwork is correct
  • Avoiding lemons for you!
    *Extra charge to drive the car home for you

Post Purchase Education


  • Once Purchased: How to Register the Car
  • Understanding Insurance Options for Used Vehicles
  • Understanding Emissions and State Inspection Requirements

Basic Maintenance Education (cars)


  • Hands-on basic maintenance education
  • Understanding mechanical operation and basic diagnostics
  • How to change belts, spark plugs, starters, brakes, and more

Motorcycle Maintenace Education


  • Hands-on motorcycle maintenance education
  • Understanding mechanical operation and basic diagnostics
  • Understanding how to change belts, chains, fluids, filters, brakes, and more

Preventative Maintenance Education (cars)


  • Hands-on preventative maintenance education
  • DIY oil change, fluid flush, tire care, wiper care, and more
  • Understanding routine maintenance costs

What We Offer

Industry Expert Will Help you Navigate Used Car Market

Pre-Purchase Inspections Offered

Carfax Report Included With Each Inspection

Understanding Buyer-Seller Mentality

Post Purchase Education Offered

Maintenance and Car Care Education, for Domestic and Foreign Cars

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Why Would I Get a Used Car over a Lease or Financing?

When you buy a used car you own it, it is an asset instead of a liability (like a lease). It will save you a bunch of $$$$. You will find your insurance will be much cheaper without monthly car

All the Used Cars I've Seen are Expensive =(

Being that the new car market is short on supply more people have been looking to used cars for their next set of wheels. Our industry professional experts can teach you where to look, and what a reliable car looks like.

Aren't Used Cars Only Money Pits?

We can explain what cars are more reliable or lower on maintenance costs. We offer a
maintenance course that will explain maintenance cost, management, and, above all, doing maintenance on your vehicle.

Sounds good but I dont know anything about owning a used car!

We offer consultations regarding all matters, paid consultation ands free consultations

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