Pre-purchase inspection

Drive Stick Shift

Pre Purchase Inspection

Interested in purchasing a used stick shift? DSS offers in person pre purchase inspection and purchase negotiations. 

How it works:

We set you up with a specialist who will help find the car you have in mind considering certain parameters  which are established. 

Based off of factors such as make, model, age, price, drive preference, location and more, one of our specialist will find three qualified vehicles for you.  From those choices, one up to all three vehicles, can be viewed, for which your purchase agent would join you for a inspection of the vehicle(s). The vehicle would be mechanically inspected and tested, this includes a error code scan, engine bay and suspension inception as well as drive-train & transmission and a test drive.

Our Agent will negotiate the price for you, leaving your with hundreds saved!

If we discover any serious problems; gears grinding, engine knock, head problems as well as much sutler symptoms we will make sure to let you know its a lemon so you don’t get scammed.

Pricing depends on how many cars a person wants to go check out and were the cars are locate. To check out one vehicle is it usually costs between $200-$350.