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About Us

Drive Stick Shift

About Us

Drive Stick Shift is a Brooklyn-based stick shift school that has been teaching manual operation
for over 12 years. The process of operating a manual transmission is exponentially more fun,
engaging, and rewarding. As automation develops and evolves it leaves stick shift operation in
the rear-view mirror; we work to keep the skill alive.
We have taught hundreds of people to drive a stick shift and understand that everyone learns
differently. Our teaching method is based on patience and passion for the skill. Besides hands-
on clutch and rowing practice, we are always glad to talk about cars and provide information on
the mechanical side and the theory behind the process.
Whether you are traveling abroad and need a rental, apply for a job that requires manual
operation, or just always wanted to become a stunt driver we are more than confident that we’ll
have you shifting and driving after one lesson!

Free Stick Shift Driving Hints

Ever wonder what gear is best for which speed? Click here to get a free educational guide that
shows the proper way to speed up on a manual car.


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