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Professional Stick Shift Lessons
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Online Classes
Defensive Driving

One on one lessons focusing on hands on learning. NYC best stick shift school.

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Amit Ramjit
Amit Ramjit
November 16, 2023.
Great instructor that provides real time feedback and tips. Guides you through the process. Great refresher if you haven't driven a manual transmission in a while or you q complete novice.
October 17, 2023.
Had a great experience learning to drive from scratch! I decided to take lessons with Anton so I could drive the family car back in the UK. He's very rigorous about explaining concepts such as hard/soft wall for gear shifter, engine breaking, road curvature (critical for parallel parking!) amongst others, borne from his experience as a mechanic. This makes for very satisfying lessons. If you're looking to pass the NY road test, note that this school does not rent cars for that purpose. But make use of Anton to get you to the 95% point, then switch to an automatic school to use a more "common" car, and be taught to the test. Nonetheless I recommend this place without hesitation, if you are looking to get started on your stick shift journey.
Josh Wehle
Josh Wehle
October 10, 2023.
Highly recommended! Anton is very personable, patient, calm, and encouraging. This was my first time driving stick-shift and I felt very supported and confident that I was in good hands.
Caroline Tran
Caroline Tran
October 2, 2023.
Anton is a fantastic teacher. He is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging and made my first time driving a stick a little bit less daunting than I thought it would be. My second lesson is already booked!
Jackson Fan
Jackson Fan
September 25, 2023.
Anton is a great teacher that breaks down concept to be easily digestible. Had fun learning manual and would highly recommend him.
Madie J
Madie J
September 18, 2023.
Anton is an excellent instructor. I particularly liked that he teaches from the first principles of how a manual car actually operates--I felt like I had a more robust understanding of why I was doing what I needed to while driving, which made it easier for me to start to develop an intuition about what to do, rather than simply memorizing the steps and how they're different from driving an automatic car. I will go back for more refresher or advanced lessons for sure!
Adam Wacks
Adam Wacks
September 17, 2023.
Very good experience. Learned a lot
BabyKhan 1220
BabyKhan 1220
September 11, 2023.
If you are interested in driving stick, want a refresh or just a cool chill dude to spend a couple of hours with, you’ve found the place for you! Anton is very thorough and knowledgeable, as well as a really cool person who is instantly relatable. His knowledge on cars and how they work is profound, he isn’t making it up as he goes. For me, this wasn’t a lesson per se, this was me hanging out with a buddy for a couple of hours while learning something. He never raises his voice and is always encouraging, and he emphasizes calmness whilst learning. Overall, a well rounded teacher who is relatable and personable, not pretentious and just an all around fun dude. I will be coming back for more- not just lessons, but also for advice, general car talk and to hang out with a new buddy!
Mikhail Ruvinsky
Mikhail Ruvinsky
September 6, 2023.
Great instructor would definitely use again for for more advanced lessons in the future.

Why Learn Stick Shift?

  • Traveling Internationally

    Renting a manual abroad is easier and significantly cheaper

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  • Buying Your Dream Car

    Have a manual-drive dream car in mind that you are looking to purchase? Our one-on-one lessons ensure you know how to confidently operate your dream vehicle.

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  • Employment Requirement

    Getting a job with UPS, as a valet or CDL-A driver? Learn to drive a stick shift the right way and land the job.

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One Hour Lesson

Great for Motorcycle Riders

Previous Experience Recommended

One on One Lessons

Covers Essentials of Stick Shift Driving

Car, Gas, PPE, Instruction included

Plenty of Parking Available



Two Hour Lesson

Best for First Timers

Covers All/Most of Stick Shift Driving Techniques

One on One Lesson

Includes Mechanical Theory, Hands On Practice

Car, Gas, PPE, Instruction included

Plenty of Parking Available


Three Hour Lesson

Good Options for Two Person Class

Covers All Stick Shift Driving Techniques

Low Level Traffic Driving Available

One on One (extra person +$20

Car, Gas, PPE, Instruction included

Plenty of Parking Available

We Also Offer

Used Vehicle Purchase Assistance

We will help find a car, inspect the car, and transport the car for you

Online Defensive Driving Course

Take points off your license, and discount on your insurance, all from the comfort of your home

Stick Shift Lessons

Offering introductory and advanced level lessons, we can teach you everything you need ot know

Maintenance Education

We can teach you how to do maintenance work on your car, to avoid getting ripped off at a dealership or shop

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