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Take the Worry Out of Used Car Purchasing

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Remove Points From Your Driving Record

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Stick Shift Lessons
For all Levels
Pre Purchase Inspection
Painless Used Car Purchasing
Online Classes
Defensive Driving

One on one lessons focusing on hands on learning. Lessons taking place in a traffic free environment.

Why Learn Stick Shift?

  • Traveling Internationally

    Renting a manual abroad is easier and significantly cheaper

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  • Buying Your Dream Car

    Have a manual-drive dream car in mind that you are looking to purchase? Our one-on-one lessons ensure you know how to confidently operate your dream vehicle.

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  • Employment Requirement

    Getting a job with UPS, as a valet or CDL-A driver? Learn to drive a stick shift the right way and land the job.

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Drive Stick Shift is a Brooklyn-based stick shift school that has been teaching manual operation for over 12 years. The process of operating a manual transmission is exponentially more fun, engaging, and rewarding. As automation develops and evolves it leaves stick shift operation in the rear-view mirror; we work to keep the skill alive.

We have taught hundreds of people to drive a stick shift and understand that everyone learns differently. Our teaching method is based on patience and passion for the skill. Besides hands-on clutch and rowing practice, we are always glad to talk about cars and provide information on the mechanical side and theory behind the process.

Whether you are traveling abroad and need a rental, apply for a job that requires manual operation, or just always wanted to become a stunt driver we are more than confident that we’ll have you shifting and driving after one lesson! Schedule Here

TWO HOURS - $160 Covering all stick shift techniques and safe operation

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Renting a Vehicle Abroad

Renting a stick is cheaper and much easier when traveling internationally

Getting a Stick Shift Car

Got your first dream car or project car picked out? We can help you learn to drive it the right way.

Getting/Riding a Motorcycle

Want to ride a motorcycle? Knowing how a manual transmission works is half of it.

Desire to be Awesome

Everyone knows Manuals have more fun!


One Hour Lesson

Great for Motorcycle Riders

Previous Experience Recommended

Taught in a Traffic Free Environment

Covers Essentials of Stick Shift Driving

One on One lessons

Car, Gas, PPE, Instruction included

Plenty of Parking



Two Hour Lesson

Best for First Timers

Covers All/Most of Stick Shift Driving Techniques

Taught in a Traffic Free Environment

Includes Mechanical Theory, Hands On Practice

Car, Gas, PPE, Instruction included

One on One Lesson

Plenty of Parking


Three Hour Lesson

Good Options for Two Person Class

Covers All Stick Shift Driving Techniques

Taught in a Traffic Free Environment

Low Level Traffic Driving Available

Car, Gas, PPE, Instruction included

One on One (extra person +$15)

Plenty of Parking Available

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