Floyd Bennett Field

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where are the lessons taught?
    The lessons take place at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. There is plenty of space to learn stick shift operation techniques and no traffic, ideal for learning, with plenty of parking
  • Is the lesson accessible by public transit?
    The lesson is accessible by bus and train. The Q35 bus takes you to Floyd Bennett Field itself. Pick up and drop off service is available to and from the Sheepshead Bay station off the B&Q lines for an extra $10
  • Can the instructor come to the students place of residence for a lesson?
    The lessons are offered at a fixed location but an exception can be made. If you already purchased a stick shift vehicle and need help learning on your vehicle an instructor can be dispatched to you, extra charges will be applied for travel time.
  • How much do the lessons cost?
    -A one hour lesson is $75

    -A two-hour lesson is $135

    -A three-hour lesson is $210

    *listed prices exclude tax and processing fees for credit cards

  • Are there any lesson requirements?
    -A valid drivers license

    -A willingness to have fun

  • What is included in a lesson?
    -A reliable stick shift car

    -Gas for the lesson

    -A professional and experienced instructor

  • Can two people take a lesson together?
    We do offer lessons for pairs, our 3 hours course is best suited for pairs. There is a extra $10 for a two person lesson.
  • How many hours lesson should I take to learn stick shift?
    Everyone learns differently though we find that the 2 hour lesson is the most common lesson for students who have no prior experience driving stick shift
  • Why Drive a Stick Shift?
    -Stick shift cars are easier to maintain, less parts meaning less parts have the chance to break

    -Great for international travel as stick shift are the more common outside the United States

    -Stick shift cars handle better in snow and extreme rain

    -Fuel economy is usually much better in a stick shift (once you learn how to operate it)

    -Provides a better understanding of driving and engine to road relation

    -Gives you more control as the driver

    -Is a more rewarding driving experience

    -Requires you to be more attentive and thwarts distractions -Less likely to get stolen or borrowed

    -Stick shift cars are usually cheaper than their automatic or CVT counterparts

    -And above all ITS SIGNIFICANTLY MORE FUN!!! Seriously


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