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Traveling Internationally? Driving Stick Shift Can you Save you $100’s or even $1000’s!

      Looking to escape on a well-deserved vacation? Let’s talk about how you can save 50% or more on your car rental cost. We think you know where this article is heading, the largely overlooked hack that the title of this article is talking about is renting a manual when you travel versus an automatic transmission car.

      This is a well-known fact by some and completely overlooked by others. You may be wondering at some point “why are manuals the standard in this day and age?!?”. Manual cars were known and still are the standard transmission. Besides being grandfathered into current existence manual transmission cars have a number of benefits behind them. A few of the most prominent benefits to owning or renting a manual car is **deep breath**; manual cars are cheaper to produce, more reliable long term when it comes to maintenance, are less likely to break, get better gas mileage, and have superior control over the road. Besides all the practical benefits it’s arguably one of the most exhilarating ways and engaging ways to get around on four wheels.

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      The amount you can expect to save will vary depending on the country you are going to. In Europe, you will experience some of the biggest savings. Up to 60% less depending on where you are and how long you intend the rent the car. In other areas like Australia, there really isn’t much of any price difference between renting a manual and an automatic transmission. Who wouldn’t want to save an extra few hundred or even a thousand on their next international trip? Or better yet, redirect those saved dollars at experience or adventure on your trip! 

      Knowing how to drive and manual can save you some serious dinero while planning your trip but another largely overlooked benefit of being able to drive a manual is peace of mind. Peace of mind in the sense that you will not be surprised if you are only left with a manual, even if you booked an automatic. Depending on which company and branch you are renting from there can very well be an unpleasant surprise when you arrive to pick up your booked rental. More often than it should happen, rental companies’ inventory may not be accurate, and when you book a rental, the site never checks if their one automatic car is available. We have heard many stories of travelers arriving at the rental company to pick up the automatic they booked, only to find out that the automatic is at a sister lot or not available currently or not available anymore. 

Left- and right-hand traffic - Wikipedia

Countries that have right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles^

      You could try and wing it when you get over there, most of us have had some experience driving a manual at some point or at least trying to. Though coupled with the extra elements such as being in a foreign country, possibly driving on the other side of the road, and unfamiliar road signs, we strongly recommend taking a lesson beforehand and learning the correct way to drive a manual before you need to pull a car off the rental lot.

      Some other points to consider if renting a car abroad, bringing along a phone holder to be able to use your phone as your navigator. Bring along a phone charger to charge your phone and other USB-powered devices. You can also try a power bank as a backup option. If you don’t expect to have an internet connection on your phone while overseas you can try using an offline router MAPS.ME. Once you have everything you need all that’s left is to enjoy your trip and get the full European experience. 

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